Macau Parade 2014 Highlight

Parade Through Macau 2014 Highlight

EVENTS (2 min 16 sec)

CLIENT: Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government


Multimedia production, stage design and production

The “Parade through Macao, Latin City” is the biggest outdoor event in celebration of Macao’s handover to China. This year, the Cultural Affairs Bureau invited Digit Digit Ltd to be their sole production partner again. Themed around “Peace, Love and Cultural Integration”, sharing the idea of “An Annual Celebration for the Whole City -VIVA”. This edition featured more than 50 local and foreign performing groups, in a total of over two thousand people that joined VIVA in a fantastic journey of discovery and exploration of life. The story describes the birth of alien life in a faraway galaxy that spreads the ancient and unique Latin culture, but whose world, due to the impact of the quick technological development, has lost colour and shine. Luckily,VIVA on earth, launches the power of “Peace, Love and Cultural Integration” onto space, helping the culture of alien life recovers its colours and prolonging joy, to the world’s jubilation. The closing ceremony features a stage fitted with a spaceship shaped raising platform, highlighting the sense of space and strengthening the interactivity between dancers and multimedia. Song and dance under dazzling lights spread throughout the venue, allowing all present to feel up in the space. Besides, multimedia images of the “Silk Maritime Road” took the audience through a time tunnel, taking as theme for several ballets the concepts of ‘light, shadow dances and electrodes’, with one hundred dancers dressed as aliens and the help of VIVA, collecting the whole city’s power. Sea creatures’ balloons as well as a two-headed twenty meters-long dragon is also featured. All in all, portray a spectacular sight that earned the audience’s applause.
screen shots
Dream of Macau, Heart of China Dream of Macau, Heart of China

The 15th Anniversary of Macao's Return to China
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